Digital Publishing for Professional Writers


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To become successful in the workplace, professional writing students need more than just strong rhetorical writing skills.

Professional writers also need to know how to publish the content they produce on the Internet and understand how issues of usability impact the publication process.


This textbook offers step-by-step instructional videos designed to help students learn how to meaningfully format and present content in digital contexts.

Although any student can benefit from the instructional videos, this textbook is specifically designed for Professional and Technical Communication students with limited, or no, experience coding HTML or CSS.

Part I: Hyper Text Markup Language ❯❯

This chapter offers an introduction to HTML and covers content formatting. Specifically, students are introduced to HTML formatting tags and semantic identifiers.

Part II: Cascading Style Sheets ❯❯

This chapter explains how to style a webpage's content and layout. Specifically, students learn CSS style definitions, Cascading Style Sheets, and CSS webpage layouts.

About the Author
Jeffrey A. Bacha is an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where teaches Professional and Technical Communication courses. Contact the author at