A full list of the courses I have taught or developed is included in my Curriculum Vitae. Information regarding my pedagogy can also be found inside my Teaching Philosophy statement.

Visual Rhetoric (EH 456/556)

EH 430
(Full Syllabus)

In this course, students conducted an intensive study of how images can function as a means of persuasion, communication, and data visualization, especially when they are combined with textual or verbal communication practices. Then, using what they have learned, the students used a variety of strategies to ethically incorporating persuasive images into verbal, print, and digital texts.

Digital Publishing (EH 455/592)

EH 455
(Full Syllabus)

I developed this course to help students understand how newer, digital communication platforms are changing how professional and technical communicators work. The course offered students the opportunity to produce their own digital artifacts including websites, online videos, and blogs. The final course project also asked the students to build an online professional portfolio.